Devon Gin Week

Devon Gin Week Introduction


Welcome to Devon Gin Week! A whole week dedicated to celebrating all the fantastic gin that’s distilled right here in Devon before being exported all over the world!


This week we’ll be exploring all sorts of fun facts about gin, from cocktail recipes, pairing suggestions, trivia and much more.


We’ll also be introducing you to some of Devon’s most celebrated gin distilleries and examining why gin is so important to Devon as a county.


Devon Gin Week is being sponsored by Wicked Wolf Gin, who is giving you the opportunity to win a free bottle of their own delicious gin.


This competition will run from the 22nd to the 28th of March, closing at 23.59pm. The winner will be announced on Monday the 29th of March!


For a chance to win, all you need to do is follow our A Taste of Devon social media pages before the competition closes. So good luck to all who enter!


Founded in September 2015, Wicked Wolf Gin is an original award-winning premium and handcrafted gin. It is distilled by expert husband and wife team Pat Patel and Julie Heap.


Their goal is to produce the smoothest and most flavourful gins which are of the highest possible quality. Their gin is pot distilled in all copper alembic stills to extract the maximum possible flavour.


It is also made from many botanical ingredients found throughout Exmoor. These are then lovingly blended, filtered, bottled and labelled before being distributed far and wide!


But this week, we’ll also be introducing you to a range of other gin distilleries throughout Devon. One is Plymouth Gin, which is made in England’s oldest functioning gin distillery right here on the Devon coast.


Their distillation process is tried and tested, perfected over several centuries since the original distillery was established in 1793. Today it’s also home to the stunning Refectory Bar!


Next up is Grampus Gin! Originally a brewery established in 2014 producing real ale, The Grampus Inn distilled their first bottle of Gin in 2019. This went down very, very well and they have produced many more bottles since.


Distilled in small batches and handcrafted, this dry gin features a subtle selection of fresh botanical ingredients, many of them from their hometown of Lee in North Devon.


Our next distillery is Salcombe Gin. They are named after the Salcombe Schooners, trading vessels that used to ferry goods around the world.


Salcombe Gin’s name honours Devon’s nautical trading heritage and the special relationship gin has with sailors. But you’ll need to read our gin cocktail tweets to learn more about that!


Today Salcombe Gin is famous for their smooth and indulgent spirits, which they distil on site. Their distillery also features a bar and Gin School for those looking to learn more – or simply enjoy their gin!


Brixham Gin is a family-run seaside distillery known for producing premium quality small-batch gin, which is inspired by Devon’s coastal surroundings.


Their name is also a homage to Brixham’s heritage as a fishing town. Their Red Sails Gin is their flagship recipe and one which is well known throughout Devon’s pubs, restaurants and hotels.


Finally, we’d like to introduce Thunderflower Gin, who take their name from an old Devon legend in which ‘thunder flowers’ are used to ward off evil and disaster. The Thunderflower Distillery wears it’s Dartmoor heritage proudly on their sleeves.


Today Thunderflower Gins are an award-winning collection of small-batch spirits with a following that extends far beyond Devon itself.


We’ll be celebrating Devon’s gin all week. So, for exciting cocktail recipes and fun facts about gin, keep checking in with us throughout the week.


Remember to follow our social media pages for a chance to win a bottle of Wicked Wolf Gin!



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